Julia Lau -- Singer/Songwriter

"A superlative poet."
~ Ray Synkane, Southbound Beat Magazine

"A quietly stirring beauty of a first CD… a haunting voice that’s similar to Dido’s, but with more grit."
~ Gina Morris, Evolution Of Media

"Smart, compassionate, heartfelt, soulful and sincere… the girl’s got it goin’ on."
~ Julia Park, The Music Scene

Southbound Beat Magazine Features Julia

In the October 2006 issue of Southbound Beat Magazine, Ray Synkane writes “Julia Lau is first and foremost, a superlative poet. Her words speak of life, of love and loss with a quiet urgency that is disarming and alluring. How fortunate for us that Miss Lau also has a beautiful voice, powerfully soft and capable of delivering the message of her words with a quiet grace.” For the full article, click here.

Interview With AsiansConnection.Com

In April 2006, AsiansConnection.com talked to Julia at length about everything from her roots and music to love and dating.

"AC: What or who do you turn to for (musical) inspirations?

JL: I don’t really look for inspiration. I feel like it’s all around me naturally. I just live my life the best way I know how and the inspiration and music comes to me. I’m naturally a reflective person, so I’m always thinking about all sorts of stuff... and all that ends up coming out through my lyrics and music. Over the past two year, I’ve made more of a point to write music with a clearer intention. I surround myself by people and things that are positive and life-affirming which ends up influencing the direction of my music. For example, I try to stay in touch with and participate in community organizations so that I can be inspired by their work about social justice issues... and then potentially write a song about it."

Album Featured In Evolution of Media

In Evolution Of Media, Gina Morris writes, "Oakland-based singer/songwriter Julia Lau has just release her debut album, In the Wildflowers and Weeds, and it’s a quietly stirring beauty of a first CD. Lau has a haunting voice that’s similar to Dido’s, but with more grit, and she writes folky songs with an Alt-Rock edge to them. The opener, “Pretty Please”, sets the tone and sucks you in with Lau’s unique phrasing and charm. From there, the electronica shadings of “Fear” and the hard-edged “Mindful Of You” sealed the deal and won me over. Elsewhere, while the folk guitar/voice set up dominates most of the songs--which by the way is not a bad thing, after all Joni Mitchell’s early classic albums are mostly acoustic affairs--Lau does kick things up a notch on “It’s You That I Want” and “To Be Beautiful” and gets a little funky on “Now You Think You’re in Love”. Just to shake up the format a little, and it pays off by proving that she can do more than acoustic confessionals, even if they are exceptional. Julia Lau shows us she has sass, class and a bright future ahead if In the Wildflowers and Weeds is anything to judge by." 4/7/06

"The Music Scene" Features Julia

In the March 2006 issue of “The Music Scene,” Julia Park writes: “Julia Lau is an unusual voice in the wilderness amongst the many plaintive singer-songwriters and chicks with guitars, she stands apart as one who has lived in the world a little and still hopes eternal… She's right at home amongst those hopers and dreamers like Sarah McLaughlin, Lisa Loeb and others of their ilk. With heartfelt lyrics and earnest melodies, this quiet compendium paints a portrait of a young woman who strives to change the world one song at a time… Summing up: smart, compassionate, heartfelt, soulful and sincere the girl’s got it goin’ on."

KQED Interview

On September 23, 2004, KQED's (88.5 FM) nationally syndicated show Pacific Time aired an exclusive interview with Julia. Click here to listen.